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Allergy tests are various tests that are used to find out or confirm which substances are causing allergic reactions. These tests help to identify the causes of allergic reactions. The specific causes will help determine a treatment plan.

Prior to the tests:
Keep a diary of your allergy symptoms. When you have symptoms, write them down, including:
• What time it happened
• Where it happened
• What you ate
• What you have come in contact with

Depending on the type of allergy test, your doctor may advise you to stop taking certain medicines prior to the test.

The best argument in favor of allergy testing is that once the offending allergen is identified, a specific treatment can be given to induce immune tolerance.

When seeking a relief from Allergies Rhinitis, Asthma, Latex allergy or other forms of allergies Dr. Rorick has found much success with Sublingual Immunotherapy.

The great potential advantage of SLIT over allergy shots is that SLIT does not involve needles; this makes it less unpleasant and also capable of being done at home rather than at a doctor’s office. The absence of needles may also explain why SLIT has long been categorized as a form of alternative rather than conventional medicine.

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