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Houston Health & Wellness uses Bio-Identical Hormones for male and female hormone balancing.

If you have been suggested or considered for hormone testing Dr. Rorick's office offers your necessary and first step at receiving a snapshot of your hormone levels. Once you receive your lab results you are then able to create a comprehensive program individualized for your treatment. Hormone testing removes the guesswork out of therapy, that in turns saves you money, time and problems associated with incorrect approaches to your medical needs.

Hormone Imbalance affects both men and women.

Men also experience issues related to hormone imbalances. A natural decline of testosterone contributes to problems with sexual dysfunction as well as muscle weakness, depression, bone loss and other symptoms associated with andropause ("male menopause").

A woman's balance to health is a the right balance of hormones. When menopause levels are dropping a deficiency of one hormone can actually appear as a relative excess of another, resulting in symptoms of hormone imbalances.

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